Prevail’s national security experience gives us an unrivalled knowledge that enables us to deliver enterprise-level resilience services to our clients. We solve challenging security issues at any level – often in high-threat environments.

Our work includes:

  • Delivering strategic security advice.
  • Redesigning structures to enhance senior decision-making.
  • Threat vulnerability mitigation work.
  • National asset protection projects to secure people, data, and infrastructure.
  • Generating National Mission and Covert Units.

Doing this well requires much more than regular, piece-meal capacity building. It requires the knowledge to visualize context, to understand existing decision-making architecture and the security landscape.

It demands the experience to identify the right blend of 21st century technologies, processes and physical capability development strands. For the development of National Mission Units and Covert Units we understand how to correctly ‘place’ the force and match resources to ambition.

Prevail offers informed, expert advice on how to develop these capabilities – and we are the perfect partner to manage delivery.

Superior Strategy
Superior Strategy
Superior Strategy