The traditional Intelligence Cycle is a proven and now widely adopted model. However, when problems are complex and information clarity is lacking, this simplicity can quickly lead to well-intentioned misunderstanding. Prevail delivers targeted insight using our expertise and judgement to deliver validated understanding.

Most organisations struggle with information overload when striving for business-winning insight; in most cases, the most important information that should trigger decision-making is missed amongst the clutter. Prevail generates success by both discerning the information required and then filtering it out from the noise. We have unrivalled expertise in designing multi-source intelligence collection packages tailored to client need.

Prevail’s intelligence is distinct: it is analysed and fused into visual displays to provide clarity.

We enhance our integral capabilities with high-calibre support from our supplier network. This includes academic, open-source, cyber, human, geospatial and signals information from trusted sources. These combinations offer near-state level insight.

Understanding which intelligence capabilities are required, and how they can be applied is a core facet of the Prevail brand.

Security Expertise