Prevail Partners has real-world risk management and specialist capability development expertise at the political-military level in the most complex environments. We apply this expertise to support client ambitions.

Our government clients ask us to help them

  • Develop National Security Threat Resilience.
  • Generate Inter-Agency Strategies and Operations.
  • Build and Train Special Forces and other Covert Units.
  • Deliver Counter Threat Targeting – blending intelligence, operations, Intellectual Property, skilled people and technology to address vulnerabilities.

Our private sector clients ask us to deliver:

  • Targeted Insight.
  • Remote Area Intelligence.
  • Technical Surveillance and Wide Area Security Provision.
  • Intellectual Property Protection – cyber security and data resilience.
  • Reputation Security.
  • Kidnap for Ransom Mitigation.
  • Sensitive resolutions for UHNWIs.

We provide a variety of Special Projects across defence, security and extractives sectors delivering innovative services and capabilities. Prevail can be considered an expert portal to guide you through all your risk management requirements.