CURRENCY Our leadership team has recent national inter-agency experience countering state threats, disrupting terrorism and delivering discreet intelligence development activity. We use cutting edge techniques and technologies and apply our tried and tested targeting methodology to meet these challenges

REACH Not only have we developed strong relationships with government officials and influencers, we are adept at building intelligent partnerships and harnessing specialist talent for successful collaboration.This state-grade ecosystem is complemented by active fixer networks across the globe, particularly in Africa, Middle East and South America.


EXPERTISE Our leadership team’s track record of project success at National Security level gives Prevail the ability to comprehend complexity – to frame each challenge accurately and understand exactly which intelligence questions must be answered. From this foundation we enable clients to form the right judgements and design appropriate strategies, matching resource to objectives with multi-disciplinary targeting frameworks.

We operate as trusted advisors, specialist enablers to other prime contractors and as leaders of special projects.